Partisan Principals

The principals of Partisan have participated in sixteen medical device startups, of which four (Corvita, Novoste, AtriCure and ZS Pharma) have become public companies; ten (including two of the public companies) have been sold, and six are public or private operating companies. Three of the Partisan companies developed cardiovascular devices, three developed treatments or devices for renal diseases, three have developed drug delivery devices, three have developed minimally invasive surgical instruments, two treat neurological conditions, one pioneered a new dental implant, and one focused on aesthetic medicine.

  • Norman Weldon

    Norman Weldon

    Dr. Weldon's background is in economics, technology and general management. He has been the CEO of three public companies: CTS Corporation (NYSE CTS), Cordis Corporation (NASDAQ CORD) and Corvita Corporation (NASDAQ CVTA). He has been a co-founder of CTS Microelectronics, Inc., Corvita Corporation, Novoste Puerto Rico, Inc., Novoste Corporation, Enable Medical Corporation, AtriCure, Inc., Medivance, Inc. and Neuronetics, Inc.

  • Karen Cassidy

    Karen Cassidy

    Ms. Cassidy's background is in marketing, venture capital and general management. She held marketing positions with Johnson & Johnson and with Xerox and venture capital positions with Oak Investment Partners and with AEtna Life and Casualty Company. Ms. Cassidy has been CEO of Impla-Med, Inc. and Vice President of Business Development with both Corvita Corporation and with Symbiosis Corporation. Ms. Cassidy has been a co-founder of Enable Medical Corporation, Medivance, Inc. and AtriCure, Inc. She is currently serving as Vice President of Business Development for Surefire Medical, Inc. Ms. Cassidy plays a major role in recruiting and mentoring Partisan CEOs, and manages Partisan's liquidity events.